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This story follows the Steel family and their multi-million dollar conglomerate Steel Publications which houses their top selling magazine Steel Magazine. Canaan “Cane” Steel is the company’s CEO, which was handed down to him from their father, the founder of Steel Publications. However, Cane must run the company with his now ex-wife, Naomi, who always does what she can to oppose him causing friction in the company. Cane also must deal with his siblings – Abigail “Abby” Steel, the COO, Asher Steel, the Marketing Vice President, Jeremiah, the photographer, and Pastor Abelson “Abel”, the “black sheep” of the family, each pose as possible threats towards the throne. Meanwhile, Chloe Sinclair and Demetria Harris, employees at the company, each have ambitions to move up, but they soon find out how hard it is to prosper in this business especially if your last name isn’t Steel. 

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