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This story follows the story of Woodrow “Wood” Sanders, a former Hollywood star, who is struggling to work his way back into the spotlight. As he sees that things are not the same as how they used to be, he realizes that he must change his mind set in order to see a positive outcome. Wood must come to the understanding that everyone’s paths in life is different including his best friend and former co-star, Seth Ashbury and his “frienemy” and former co-star, Ethan Wilcox.

Me, Myself, And I

Wesley Pearsons has always had hopes and aspirations of being an actor and a model, but he doesn't exactly have "the look" that society feels that most entertainers should possess. This story follows his journey as he defies the stereotypes and expectations that are placed on him as he continues to make his dream into a reality.

Forever And Always

A man is torn between what society expects him to do and what his heart wants.


A fictional story of paths that cross after an unjust police shooting.

Lovers And Friends

There's a thin line when it comes to being someone's lover and being someone's friend... Because when that line is crossed, that's when the problems really begin!


A group of friends get together for a night of good fun and good conversation as they continue on their road of self-discovery in their lives of young adulthood.


Rev. Reginald Anderson has everything: A prominent church, an outstanding reputation, and a loving, supportive wife. However, his world is turned upside-down when a secret comes back to haunt him.

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