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Karlton T. Clay has always loved to write. He began writing at a very young age. But it wasn’t until his time at Davidson Fine Arts School in Augusta, GA that he began to get involved in production and wanting to use his gift of writing as his career.


However, on March 18th, 2002, at the age of 16, Karlton was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukemia. However, instead of succumbing to this terrible disease in his life, Karlton decided that he was going to persevere. During his time in recovery, he grew closer to his family and his relationship with God strengthened. Also, from this experience, VICTORY PRODUCTIONS was born. Karlton graduated from Davidson Fine Arts School in 2004, and he graduated from Georgia State University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in film and television production.




Under Victory Productions, Karlton has written, produced, and directed several theatre productions, short films, and 15 series: College Daze (September 2007-January 2011), The Lyons Den (February 2012-March 2021), Karma (September 2014-April 2017), Lovers Lane (August 2015-December 2019), Color Blind (November 2015-February 2017), Ex-Factor (December 2016-June 2021),  BrothAhood (January 2017-March 2022), Bondage (September 2017-present),  Sweet Mahogany (February-December 2018), My Best Friend (March 2018-April 2021), In The Nick Of Time (July 2018-January 2023), Peace Be Steel (February 2019-August 2021), SistAhood (June-July 2019), The MAINE Way (January 2020-November 2022), and My Life (April 2020-October 2021). As of January 2023, Karlton has written, produced, and directed 424 episodes. BrothAhood, Peace Be Steel, and My Life are available on Tubi.


Sweet Mahogany was picked up for distribution by Maverick Entertainment making it Karlton's first feature length film. Since then, Karlton has written, directed, and produced a total of 14 feature films: Sweet Mahogany (2020), Reindeer Games (2020), Sweet Mahogany 2: Sweet Indulgence (2021), Redemption For Easter (2021), My Brother's Keeper (2021), SistAhood (2021) –  another series re-edited into a feature length film –  The Assistant (2021), which was distributed by ITN Studios, A Very Merry New Year (2021), Pastor Thorne: Lust Of The Flesh (2022), For The Love Of Christmas (2022), The Other Side Of Me (2023, ITN Studios), The Saved And The Salacious (2023), For The Love Of Christmas 2: A Heart For the Holidays (2023), and Pastor Thorne 2: Sins Of The Father (2023). All 14 films can be seen on FOX’s Tubi while 11 out of the 14 are available for streaming on NBC’s Peacock TV.


In everything he does, Karlton hopes to remain true to who he is and be that beacon of hope that will inspire others to follow their dreams. His motto: Grow as you go, which springs from his favorite scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

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