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Award-Winning Director Re-Emerges Off-Broadway

NAACP Theatre Award-winning playwright and director Wallace Demarria returns to the theater scene with his critically-acclaimed stageplay, COLORBLIND, hitting the Off-Broadway stage in New York City.

The official announcement via Demarria's production studio alongside writer/director Korey Smallwood and producer/director Amanda White-Del Pino, OUTSIDE STUDIOS, was made minutes before the start of the new year kicking off 2022 in a major way.

According to the official press release, COLORBLIND dives headfirst into the long-standing racial inequality in America, following the life of Mr. Clinton Muhammad, the controversial spiritual leader of the Minority Empowerment. His militant speeches and strong-willed stance against "the oppression and discrimination" of minorities have divided all that come in contact with him; some love him and idolize him while others despise him and plot his assassination. This Shakespearean-inspired theatre production is said to be a story of love, patriotism, betrayal, violence, and redemption.

Original COLORBLIND Keyart, 2013-2014

The award-winning play opened first at The Meta Theater in Los Angeles in 2013. According to the play deck, the theater production initially had a 4-week run, but due to popular demand, the show was extended to 8 weeks followed by another successful 8-week run at the Santa Monica Playhouse in 2014. The original cast included Demarria and Taja V. Simpson ("Tyler Perry's 'The Oval', "Insecure").

Demarria has been nominated for several NAACP Theatre Awards, earning Best Playwright in 2016. COLORBLIND will be premiering on Off-Broadway later this year.

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