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Thieving Isn’t For the Faint of Heart in New Digital Series Silver & Gold

It’s all for one and one for the thieves in Alonge Hawes’ award winning digital series currently airing on Jaro Media.

Since 2017, actor/writer/producer/director Alonge Hawes has been on a rise. His first web series, Blue Collar Hustle, gained instant critical acclaim and even became an official selection at multiple film festivals. Black on Both Sides, Alonge’s second web series, followed suit in 2019. With two back to back critically acclaimed projects under his belt, one might believe that Alonge may be ready to throw in the towel. On the contrary, Silver & Gold, his new digital series, proves that he has no plans of slowing down.

Exclusively airing on Jaro Media, Silver & Gold centers around Charles Goldar(Quentin Williams) and Bahiya Payne(Brittaney Traylor), two of the smoothest, sexiest, and perhaps the most industrious thieves this side of Bonnie & Clyde. There is no gem too guarded, no diamond too secure, or no amount of cash too vaulted for these two paramours to relieve from their unfortunate marks. So, when they decide to team up with eccentric computer genius Cierra Valentine(Shani Hawes) and stoic con man Sosa Gerena(Roberto Cruz Jr.) in attempts to pull off bigger and more daring heists, it seems to be a match made in bandit’s heaven. But all is not as it seems, as the sins of the past slowly begin to ransack the riches of the present; leading the group down a path of violence and vengeance amidst Atlanta’s criminal underground. When Charles and Bahiya are faced with a reckoning beyond even their own comprehension, they will come to the realization that sometimes love IS the crime…

Prior to its premiere on October 11th via Jaro Media, Silver & Gold already gained critical acclaim at the 2022 Minnesota Webfest with multiple nominations and a win for Best Series Script. The digital series also recently became an official selection at the 2022 Independent Shorts Awards.

Check out the first two episodes of Silver & Gold via Jaro Media/Jaro TV, with new episodes releasing weekly.

Photo Credit: Silver & Gold/Alonge Hawes

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