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It’s Veterans Versus Rookies When The Circle: NYC Returns July 31st

The Circle: New York City returns for season five with new cast members, new friendships, and new drama!

After heading down to Georgia for a fiery first season of The Circle: Atlanta, the spotlight shifts back to a new and exciting season of The Circle: New York City. Created by Lester “Newnue” Matthews, The Circle: New York Cityshowcases the lives of talented individuals in the LGBTQ+ community as they attempt to work together on media, community, and social events. Season four rookie & artist Kleionne aka King Klei returns for season five along with international model Chad Bailey, who recurred during season three of the award-winning reality web series alongside rapper & husband Bugz Gutta. Artist and model Prince Derek Doll, ByLatinMen podcast host Angel Cartel, and hairstylist & entertainer Geo Glam round out the cast. Fans might remember Angel when he made a guest appearance during last season when former castmember Julius Caesar was a guest on the ByLatinMen podcast for a fun and flirty episode—well, at least between Angel & Julius. Premiering July 31st, season five of The Circle: New York City also features artists Shy Marley & Chandler aka SOULXSOL, as well as photographer/artist Trevon James and artist/activist Tia Carta.

The trailer for season five was recently released and it clearly shows that there is a divide this season between the veterans and the new kids on the block. In one scene, Angel tells the viewers “The Vets had their time. Now it’s our time.” In another, Shy asks Geo & Trevon, “Why shouldn’t you guys put in the work?” Needless to say, Geo & Trevon did not care for the question.

However, it looks like things aren’t all peachy between the rookies. SoulXSol reveals that him and Angel went “back and forth on social media in the past.” Hmmm….is tension still in the air?

Nonetheless, the trailer does show the cast out and about, as well as each in their respective elements, such as Prince Derek Doll and King Klei performing, Chad at photoshoots, Angel on the mic, and much more.

The Circle: New York City returns for season five on July 31st via OURVIEWtv. Make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel for more information. Check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit: OURTALKtv/TheCircleNYC(Instagram)

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