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Expect More Than Heat When The Inner Circle: Dallas Returns in Summer 2022

After an eventful sixth season filled with sun, sand, and scandal, The Inner Circle: Dallas is set to return in summer 2022.

Set in Dallas, TX, The Inner Circle: Dallas is a reality web series that follows a group of individuals as they navigate love, life, and drama. OG cast members Khristina Calloway and Darius Hunter are confirmed to return for the upcoming season alongside Knyoka Dennis, Devin Harden, and Melanie McClendon. New faces are likely to join the ferocious fivesome after the departure of season six rookie Morrissa.

In July 2014, content creator Zachary Bess took a break from recapping reality TV shows and decided to create his own. After two successful seasons of The Inner Circle: Houston, he turned the reality web series into a franchise and added The Inner Circle: Dallas in early 2015. Another spin-off, The Inner Circle: Texas, premiered in late 2015.

Throughout the course of the show, the cast of The Inner Circle: Dallas has consistently changed. However, Calloway and Hunter remained main cast members for the entire duration while the other three joined in later seasons. Dennis joined in season four and quickly became a fan favorite with her one-liners and witty comebacks. Harden also joined in season four and was not afraid to stand up for himself in any situation. Last but not least, McClendon returns for her sophomore season after making waves during her first.

Season six of The Inner Circle: Dallas saw four of the five cast members returning and the addition of two new girls. Hunter started off the season trying to make amends with Dennis and Harden after a rocky fifth season but he quickly realized that was easier said than done. Harden introduced Morrissa, his friend, to the group but despite her efforts, she didn’t seem to hit it off with Calloway and Dennis. McClendon immediately sparred with Harden due to her already established friendship with Hunter. Further into the season, she found herself in a sticky situation when rumors involving Hunter’s significant other swirled around and McClendon ended the season in a dispute with him and Dennis.

Despite the previous drama, all of the major conflicts got resolved, for the most part, at the reunion. However, will they stay resolved once season seven arrives? We shall see when season seven of The Inner Circle: Dallas returns in Summer 2022. Check out the teaser below.

Make sure toribe to the Zachariyah Productions YouTube channel to watch all seasons of The Inner Circle: Dallas.

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