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Filmmaker Brings Horror To The Holidays

Jamar Alston, the founder of EnVisionary Pictures, is back with his latest independent feature film, The Legend Begins: Doll-Face.

The Legend Begins: Doll-Face features Nelson J. Davis ("Lovers Lane", "Bondage", "Peace Be Steel", "My Brother's Keeper"), Amber Barnes ("Peace Be Steel", "Bondage"), and Clifton Pearsall ("The Lyons Den").

In this horror-comedy film, Andrew Davis (Andres Levi) books a weekend stay at a manor in the middle of nowhere in the efforts of attempting to improve his social media presence. However, what is supposed to be a harmless weekend getaway with friends quickly escalates to a fight for survival.

Doll-Face also stars Lina Linden, Elle Combs, Norqoun Morgan, Mintaka Brower, Michelle Harts, Nikki Moore, and Jermaine Sledge. This is Jamar Alston's second feature-length film that he has written, produced, and directed. He released his first film, Deadly Passion, starring Davis and Jamal Woolard ("Notorious"), which came out earlier this year.

To purchase or rent The Legend Begins: Doll-Face, visit the Vimeo on-demand link:

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