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Filmmaker Kashif Boothe Spotlights First Year Marriage Blues with Final Web Series Newlyweds

Following many critically acclaimed web series, Kashif Boothe’s final entry, Newlyweds, premiered June 15th.

After six years, multi award-winning filmmaker Kashif Boothe is ending his web series run with Newlyweds—the second spinoff to his award-winning web series Nate & Jamie. In episode 202 of the project, Jamie(Joshua Samuels) tries to win back his ex-girlfriend Vanessa(Jamila Wingett)…on her wedding day to Jacob(Jamal Renaldo)! And even though Vanessa still chose to marry Jacob, that disastrous moment was only the beginning.

Set in London, Newlyweds follow Vanessa & Jacob, a couple who rushed into marriage without knowing each other or dealing with any issues within their relationship. Jacob is filled with regret marrying Vanessa, who senses this and begins to overcompensate everything she does to be the perfect wife, which doesn’t have the best results. The newlyweds eventually attend marriage counseling and try to find their way back to each other. Over the course of the season, Newlyweds explores different cultures and tackles class, mental health, and society pressures that relate to British Millenials today.

Created by Boothe, Newlyweds is directed by Marlea Edwards, co-written by Jeda Cacioli and Alex Marlow, and executive produced by Yazzmin Anderson-Moore and Afshan D’souza-Lodhi. The web series also stars Rebecca Ashley as Maria.

Check out the first episode of Newlyweds below via Kashif Booth Entertainment’s official YouTube page below.

Photo Credit: Kashif Boothe Entertainment

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