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KayCee Thee Poet Releases New Single BLACK IN AMERIKKKA

Hollywood African Prestigious Award (HAPA) nominee KayCee Thee Poet releases his new single "Black In AmeriKKKa" on Tuesday, February 15th on all digital platforms.

Most people know Karlton T. Clay as a writer, producer, director, filmmaker, and content creator. However, known in the spoken word world as KayCee Thee Poet, he is revealing more of his poetic and artistic side with this new single which discusses his personal feelings and ordeals when it comes to racism, prejudice, and the unfair treatment of African-Americans in this country.

"Black In AmeriKKKa" features spoken word artist CordWho, also known as Cord Jones. Jones starred in Clay's first series, College Daze, in the first three seasons. He also is a staff writer for VPNMAG with his own column entitled Indie Chop with CordWho where he reviews independent albums and projects and interviews independent artists. CordWho says that he is currently working on music as well and will be releasing his first EP very soon.

"Black In AmeriKKKa" is the first single from KayCee Thee Poet's upcoming album, Raw-N-UnKut. This new project can be described as another deep inside look into the soul of a poet on a road to self-discovery while dealing with heartache and pain. The unveiling of the layers in these poems will shed light on several poignant, personal moments including what it is like being a Black man in this climate of the world and acknowledging past traumas while embracing future triumphs.

KayCee Thee Poet released his first EP and poetry book "Ebbs And Flows" back in 2020. The EP is also available on all digital services, and the poetry book is available for purchase on Amazon.

"Black In AmeriKKKa" is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, and other digital streaming services. You can also click here to listen to it as well:

"Black In AmeriKKKa" was produced by DNY Blaze of Blazer Wave Music Entertainment and the graphic was designed by The Art Dealer.

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