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Seven Talented and Outspoken New Yorkers Come Together in The Showcase

Romance, Revelations, and Raw Talent Are Par for The Course in New Reality Web Series.

Launched by new media company startup No Rent, The Showcase is a reality web series following seven talented New York artists as they come together to collaborate on a showcase at The Slope Lounge, a vibrant establishment in Brooklyn, NY. Viewers of this unique social experiment are taken on a journey with these outspoken individuals, all of whom have enormous personal struggles, as they attempt to put on an entertaining showcase, find an audience, and somehow get on the same page—all while cameras are rolling. The cast of The Showcase includes conservative model Andreana Diaz, transgendered actor Shaa Krettles, bubbly casting assistant Yhicey Hawt, martial artist/content creator Ibn Dixon, musical performer Danays Baez, aspiring rapper Najee Davis, and his sister, model and rapper Shanice Acker.

Episode one of The Showcase premiered on April 5th and let’s just say that it was interesting to say the least. One by one, or sometimes two by two, the group heads to The Slope Lounge to meet for the first time. Besides siblings Najee and Shanice, most of the group assume that they are all strangers…until they see Ibn and Yhicey walk in together. But as soon as questions of whether or not the two are a couple start forming, the group gets introduced to a mysterious figure known as The Box. Infidelity and abuse become hot topics of conversation and the group quickly realizes that each of them has a story to tell. Later, Yhicey talks to some of the group about the showcase opportunity but gets more than expected when Shanice pulls her to the side to reveal something personal about her love life.

Check out the official trailer to The Showcase below and be sure to watch episode one via No Rent’s YouTube channel.

Founded by Joey G, No Rent is a new media company focused on pop culture and original shows.

Photo Credit: No Rent/Joey G

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