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There’s Big Drama in The Big D When The Inner Circle: Dallas Returns this June

A new cast member and two Houston veterans join the Dallas crew for a fiery seventh season premiering June 17th at 6 p.m.!

After an eye opening sixth season, The Inner Circle: Dallas is back for a new season that promises to put EVERYTHING on the table. Created by Zachary Bess, the reality web series will continue to follow a group of friends in Dallas as they navigate love, life, and drama. Returning cast members Khristina Calloway, Darius Hunter, Knyoka Dennis, Devin Harden, and Melanie McClendon are joined by Tamekia Lewis. Also, Erica Wilson and Latrice “Mama Trice” Bess from The Inner Circle: Houston, the original reality web series in the franchise, will be making appearances.

The season seven official cast photos and trailer were recently released, the latter which includes new cast member Lewis sparring with Calloway and Hunter, the OGs of Dallas. “Listen, I understand I’m new to the group but what you’re not gonna do is bully me around,” Lewis tells Calloway.

“I’m not bullying you. I didn’t say anything to you,” Calloway responds.

Despite sparring with most of the cast last season, Hunter seems to make amends with Harden and Calloway. “Seriously, like I’m glad we’re in a good space,” Calloway tells Hunter. However, the group begins to question his behavior.

“We might have to talk about this drinking thing, though,” Calloway tells Hunter.

“I’m fine,” he later responds.

McClendon made a huge splash during her freshman season when she was put in a tough spot the moment infidelity rumors about Hunter’s significant other were floating around. Her involvement later resulted in a huge feud with Dennis. However, it looks like it’s her feud with Harden that rolls over into this season.

“I heard from a little birdie that she said she don’t f*** with us unless she gets paid,” Harden tells Dennis while sitting down and having drinks. “I know you lying!” Dennis responds.

Later in the trailer, both Harden & McClendon are shown clashing, with McClendon screaming, “GO LAYDOWN! YOU’RE TIRED!”

Despite these dramatic moments, the trailer for The Inner Circle: Dallas shows some of the cast dancing and even coming together for a few events. In addition to all of the footage, the trailer features the opening of the show where the six cast members are holding a blue diamond, most similar to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Check out the official trailer for season seven of The Inner Circle: Dallas below and be sure to watch the season premiere on June 17th at 6 p.m. via the Zachariyah Productions YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Instagram(@theinnercircletv)

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