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After Five Years, Amazon Prime’s #LoveMyRoomie ends with Series Finale Short Film

Creator, actress, writer, producer, and director Yhá Mourhia Wright brings her #LoveMyRoomie digital series to an end with "Recovered Pieces" short film.

Following the 2017 #LoveMyRoomie Digital Sketches series, #LoveMyRoomie premiered on Amazon Prime in December 2020 with a reboot. According to Amazon Prime, #LoveMyRoomie follows Giselle(Wright), U’Moriah(Ashley Versher), and Yasmine(Katherine George), three roomates on the cusp of self-discovery within the first 36 hours of being catapulted into the realities of adulthood. As the women find themselves under pressure to navigate the roller coaster of life, they grapple with attempts to maintain their evolution. The series also stars Mitzie Pratt as Mimi Clarke.

Prior to its run on Amazon Prime, #LoveMyRoomie took the festival scene by storm. The series became official selections at numerous film & web series festivals including Newark International Film Festival(NIFF), GLOW Television & Web Series Festival, and the Hip Hop Film Festival’s Urban Web Summit. During this time, Yhá Mourhia won awards for Best Web Original Director at the 2018 NIFF and Lead Actress at the 2018 GLOW Festival.

After a short hiatus following episode eight, #LoveMyRoomie returned in December 2021 with “Recovered Pieces,” a short film that serves as the show’s series finale. According to the official description via Amazon Prime, “Recovered Pieces” follows Giselle as she steals away for a solo trip and awakens to haunting skeletons in her closet. Meanwhile, Kyle(Daytona Jones) and Salima(Martha Woldu) reemerge with news that threatens to throw a newly sober Giselle into a downward spiral. Following an appearance in episode eight, Nicolette Ellis(BET’s Makeup X Breakup) also appears as Dr. Joy.

Yhá Mourhia took to her Instagram to pen an open letter about the #LoveMyRoomie journey and the series ending. She thanked the cast members for “returning time and time again” and their “dedication to the craft” as well as the “long nights, early mornings, and longer days.” She thanks the post-production crew and even ends one paragraph with three beautiful words: “we did it.”

To view the entire #LoveMyRoomie series, which includes the series finale short film, visit the official Amazon Prime page:

For now, check out the official teaser for #LoveMyRoomie below.

Photo Credit: Instagram(@lovemyroomie)

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