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Nelson J. Davis releases his 8th feature length film

The grind does not stop, and neither does actor/writer/producer/director Nelson J. Davis as he releases his eighth feature length film, Non-Disclosure.

According to the official website page, Non-Disclosure is about a newcomer (Davis) to a company climbing the corporate ladder very quickly, but he must realize that he must pay a cost behind closed doors to get there.

This erotic, suspense thriller also stars TJ Swann ("Lovers Lane", "SistAhood"), Keshia R. Hutchinson ("Sweet Mahogany"), Kevin J. Stone ("Lovers Lane", "Reindeer Games", "A Very Merry New Year"), Clifton Pearsall ("The Lyons Den"), Caranita Harrelson ("The Assistant", "Lovers Lane", "Peace Be Steel"), Michelle Harts ("Lovers Lane"), and Nikki Moore (Film Architectz's "Ladies Choice", "He Say, She Say")

To watch the film for free on TUBi, you can click here. You can watch the trailer to Davis' latest release below:

Nelson J. Davis is the founder and owner of Film Architectz with writing, producing, and directing credits for the following films: Unwitting Deceit, Protege, Ultimatums, Halloween Kickback, Concealment, He Say, She Say., and the soon to be released film, Ladies Choice. Davis is also the co-executive producer for the award-winning Victory Productions Network/Film Architectz series Bondage and Peace Be Steel.

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