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Production for Announced Spin-offs On Hold

The productions for Love Games, the spin-off of the award-winning series Lovers Lane (2015-2019), and Who Do You Love?, the spin-off of the award-winning series My Life (2020-2021) have been placed on hold indefinitely.

This decision comes months after it was initially announced back in December 2021 that Kevin J. Stone and MarQues Woolford would be leading their own spin-off shows with Victory Productions Network.

"VPN has been super busy with several productions," says Karlton T. Clay, CEO of Victory Productions and Showrunner for all VPN projects. "Right now, we are in post-production for our next Christmas film, For The Love Of Christmas. We are in production for our first Kwanzaa film and our next film with ITN Studios, The Other Side Of Me. Lastly, we just wrapped principal photography for a pilot that we have the opportunity to pitch to a network subsidiary. We will be going into production for the final season of In The Nick Of Time in August. Plus, we still have to find time to shoot Sweet Mahogany 3 and SistAhood 2, which we are constantly asked about. So right now, we don't have the time and man/womanpower to add two more shows. I still want to do these projects as I feel they will be a hit with our viewers; however, I want to make sure that I give equal time to them, and at this time, I do not."

However, even though production for Love Games and Who Do You Love? won't be happening any time soon, you will still be able to see Kevin J. Stone and MarQues Woolford in a few upcoming VPN productions.

Woolford is starring in the upcoming film Pastor Thorne: Lust Of The Flesh which will be released Tuesday, September 13th with Maverick Entertainment.

Stone will be starring in the film The Other Side Of Me, which we mentioned above is now in production.

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