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"What's Your Chocolate" creator pens spin-off featuring one of its most popular characters

Timothy Mccallum may have ended his first series, "What's Your Chocolate," but the story is far from over as one of its most popular characters is getting a spin-off limited series.

"The Iris Show" stars Constance Rae Reynolds as the titular character, Iris West. This limited series focuses on Iris West, a Southern Christian woman, who leaves Charlotte after striking out in love and enduring tragedy at her former place of employment, Chocolate Magazine. With that, she decides to try her luck in HOTLANTA (Atlanta, GA), where she encounters some unique people, and her new life takes her on some interesting turns.

"Iris was a fan favorite though the 'What's Your Chocolate' series," says Timothy Mccallum. "I decided to expound on Iris' life. Also, Iris is somewhat a person we can relate to especially when it comes to southern churches and their beliefs."

There is no set date on the premiere of "The Iris Show." However, a promo video has been released, and it can be seen below:

"What's Your Chocolate" ran from 2015-2021 with a total of 4 seasons (25 episodes). The series starred Reynolds along with Nicholas Johnson ("Lovers Lane"), MarQues Woolford ("The Assistant", "My Life", "Bondage"), Kareesh Forreal (Nakia T. Hamilton's "Quarantine Relationship"), Ashley Johnson, Gwen Mccallum, Chaz Marshall, and Keon Taylor. The entire series can be watched on YouTube.

The series also had a crossover episode with the award-winning Victory Productions series, Peace Be Steel, providing a sort of "origin story" for Vance Martin and Maxwell Crawford and their rivalry-relationship with Cane and Abel Steel.

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