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Nelson J. Davis Gives Ladies A Choice

Rising actor/writer/producer/director and up and coming superstar Nelson J. Davis ("Bondage", "Lovers Lane", "Peace Be Steel", "My Brother's Keeper", "A Very Merry New Year") is bringing in the new year with a new film entitled Ladies Choice.

The official trailer was released a little before midnight kicking off 2022 in a very big way for Davis and his production company, Film Architectz.

According to the official trailer page, Ladies Choice is a sexy suspense movie about three male exotic entertainers who find themselves in a bind after taking on a side job outside of their normal club which escalates into sex, lies, and a race against time. The erotic thriller stars Davis along with Jamarious McCullough ("Peace Be Steel", "My Best Friend", "My Brother's Keeper"), Gerrell Boney (Davis' "He Say, She Say" and "Concealment"), Donald Ross, Jr. ("BrothAhood", "Reindeer Games"), Shatareia Stokes ("The Lyons Den", "Lovers Lane", "My Best Friend", "My Brother's Keeper", "A Very Merry New Year"), and Caranita "Bird" Harrelson ("Lovers Lane", "Bondage", "The Assistant").

No word yet on when the film will be officially released, but you can watch the hot and steamy trailer below:

Ladies Choice also features Arthur Moore, Lina Linden, Nikki Moore, Clifton Pearsall, Norquon Morgan, Amber Barnes, and Jermaine Sledge.

Nelson J. Davis is the founder and owner of Film Architectz with writing, producing, and directing credits for the following films: Misconstrued, Unwitting Deceit, Protege, Ultimatums, Halloween Kickback, Concealment, and He Say, She Say. Davis is also the co-executive producer for the award-winning Victory Productions Network/Film Architectz series Bondage and Peace Be Steel.

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